About the Sayings:

Lightplay greeting cards offer beautiful art photographs of our natural world for contemplation and sharing. These original nature photography greeting cards also offer wisdom from the ages. To help inspire our own best thoughts, Lightplay has selected sage sayings from philosophy, poetry, proverbs and literature that may be placed inside the cards. A beautiful nature scene on the front of the card sets a thoughtful mood and brings initial inspiration, then insightful sayings from great thinkers can be placed inside the card to enhance this mood. Just writing our own message inside the card is sufficient, but adding a great thinker’s saying along with our message helps to reinforce out own thoughts with a worldwide greater thinking community. The choice whether or not to add a saying is ours.

Lightplay has selected sage sayings for their kindred poetic vision with William C. Pellouchoud’s photography and to complement the image on the card. Together these cards and sayings establish a powerful atmosphere for friendship, mutual appreciation, camaraderie and thinking on our planet, just the right atmosphere for sharing our own best thoughts.

Lightplay cards are perfect for all occasions and also for those special times when it’s not really an occasion, but it’s just a perfect time to send a card. The opportunities to share these cards and sayings are frequent, so mail Lightplay cards and sayings soon and often. How may Lightplay serve you? Thank you.