Artist’s Statement

I believe how well we humans get along with each other is closely connected with the appreciation we feel and show for all growing, living things on our planet. I believe a harmony exists between humankind and the universe, one with which we may feel ourselves in tune if we make time to look deeply into and to listen carefully to nature and allow her to guide us. When we have found our place within the larger framework of nature, then the important thing we must do is to communicate with each other. As I seek to recognize my own place within the natural framework in which I live, along the way beautiful landscapes excite my wonder and inspire me to make photographs. Sharing these photographs as greeting cards gives me hope that others also may share in my wonder and that we may all better feel our connections with nature and with each other.

Lightplay offers more than a hundred different designs of nature photography greeting cards. Cards are blank on the inside for you to write your own message; or cards may also be ordered with a selected philosophy note printed on a separate paper insert that you may place inside the card. Nature is portrayed in all of her seasons in original Lightplay photographs of mountains, skyscapes, streams, flowers, trees and wildlife. These beautiful all-season nature photography greeting cards capture and share moods from nature that perfectly complement our seasonal holidays, celebrations, and other events and changes in our lives. You may write your own heartfelt message on the inside of the card; or, if a wisdom note has been inserted, you may add to this saying or just sign your name.

Printed with soy inks onto high quality recycled card stock, folded to size 5″ x 7″ and provided with plain white envelopes, these cards show respect for the environment which inspires them, and they will show that you respect it too. More than respect, these Lightplay cards reflect something from inside all of us that responds when we pause in our busy daily lives to admire and to share the nature around us. In its turn, this nature around us has the power to calm us and to focus our vision and will help us to express our best thoughts with each other. Nature and Lightplay together will help us to make progress and to communicate our hopes and plans and enthusiasm and dreams with each other. Lightplay greeting cards are perfect for all occasions: Order your selection today.

Thank you.

William C. Pellouchoud, photographer